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About Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy was born on September 1st, 1973 in a small town outside of Augusta, Georgia. The world has known no peace nor quiet since.

Matt Murphy is a high energy, highly opinionated voice of North and Central Alabama. A special blend of political no-nonsense talk and entertaining water-cooler humor…Murphy appeals to all demographics. From their twenties to their eighties – Matt is an equal opportunity offender! His honed intellect and sharp wit turns Alabama’s sacred cows into mincemeat.

Matt lives in Helena, AL with his wife Erica and their two dogs – a big ole hound dog (John Henry), and his little brother (Larry Munson).

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About Valerie Vining

Valerie Vining was born in Coral Gables, Florida. She graduated from the University of Alabama, where she was a member of the Alabama Women’s Tennis Team and a graduate assistant coach.

Valerie got her start in radio at WJRD in Tuscaloosa which became Z102 FM. From there she moved to Birmingham to take on the duties as the midday host on “I-95” as Gail O’Brien and remained on the 94.5 FM frequency for more than twenty years. Valerie moved into the position as News Director for Cumulus Media in Birmingham in the summer of 2008 teaming up with Matt Murphy on WAPI-AM.

Valerie is married, has a son and lives in Hoover, AL. She loves to play golf, scuba dive, spend summers on the Gulf Coast and in the western mountains of North Carolina with her family. She also passionately follows her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide!

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