Danny Danon to Newsmax: Israel Formed a ‘Quibble Government’

Israel’s new coalition government had its first achievement Sunday when it removed Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister, but that might be all the new “quibble government”  will agree on, Danny Danon, the former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, told Newsmax.

“Basically, they have only one thing in common, the desire to remove Prime Minister Netanyahu out of office,” Danon, who now chairs the World Likud, told Monday’s “Wake Up America.” “They achieved that last night. I think it was the first achievement of this government. It will be a quibble government. I don’t think they would be able to achieve anything else besides this specific achievement.”

Danon said he also fears President Joe Biden’s intention to reenter the Iran nuclear deal could prove even more dangerous for Israel with Netanyahu out of office because even if the coalition opposes the deal, it will not have the “sense and the standard” Netanyahu had fighting against it on the international stage. 

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