DEI Need-to-Belong Craze Could Use Some Maturity

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training costs American business $8 billion a year, and while there are some signs that it is peaking, it is not for lack of trying. For example, since 2019, “Belonging” has been added to this scam, hence DEIB. This is a classic case of empire building.

Democratic pundit James Carville recently said that his party was sending messages that are “too feminine.” He’s right. What he said is also true of business — we are witnessing the feminization of the workforce.

We can thank a professor — who else? — for adding the “B” to DEI. Eric Carter at Vanderbilt says that diversity, equity and inclusion are not enough. “People want to be more than merely integrated or included. They want to experience true belonging.”

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