Former Trump Adviser Navarro Asks Judge to Dismiss Contempt Charges

Peter Navarro, once an adviser to former President Donald Trump, on Wednesday asked a federal judge to dismiss charges against him of criminal contempt of Congress, arguing that the Department of Justice’s move to do so was “in direct contradiction of decades of Department of Justice policy and precedent.”

Navarro in his filing argued that he had “been unfairly caught in a dispute between the executive and legislative branches of our government and placed on the horns of a dilemma: follow the explicit instructions from the President he served as a senior advisor for four years, or risk being held in Contempt of Congress and criminally prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”

“A prosecution for Contempt of Congress following a legitimate assertion of Executive Privilege precluding Dr. Navarro’s appearance before the Select Committee, the prosecution of Dr. Navarro for contempt of Congress necessarily violates the doctrine of Separation of Powers and is unconstitutional,” he added.

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