GOP Platform a’ Contract With America’ Says Pete Hoekstra

Thirty years after Republicans won the House and Senate on a 10-point agenda known as the “Contract With America,” one of the key players in the adoption of the GOP’s 2024 platform Monday hailed it as “today’s ‘Contract With America.'”

“It says who we are, who Donald Trump is, and what we will do upon assuming the presidency and majorities in Congress next January,” Michigan State Party Chair Pete Hoekstra said of the party’s 16-page platform (titled “Make America Great Again”).  

Hoekstra, who served in the U.S. House from 1993-2011, was chair of the foreign policy subcommittee of the full platform committee. On Monday morning, after a three-hour discussion of what is in the party manifesto by Trump (who spoke via Zoom to the 102-member committee meeting in Milwaukee) and several policy experts, the Michigan man moved for adoption of the platform.  

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