Karoline Leavitt to Newsmax: 80% of Americans Doubt Biden’s Leadership Ability

Karoline Leavitt, the press secretary for former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, asserted on Newsmax Friday that more than 80% of Americans doubt President Joe Biden’s capacity to lead the nation.

“It’s really incredible and sad … the American people can see with their own eyes, and they can make the decision on whether Biden is mentally fit enough to be president. They are watching. They are deciding, and that’s why more than 80% of this country right now doesn’t think he has the cognitive stamina and ability to lead this nation,” Leavitt said on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

Former New Hampshire Congressional Candidate Leavitt added, “This race is not about age. Now, the fake news media wants to bring up President Trump’s age. It’s not about age. It’s about mental competency, and Joe Biden is incompetent.”

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