Michael Imperioli Says He Threw ‘Sopranos’ Emmy Award in Trash

Michael Imperioli’s iconic portrayal of Christopher Motlisanti on “The Sopranos” won the actor an Emmy in 2004 for Best Supporting Actor but what many do not know is that he threw the award in a hotel trash bin by the end of the night. 

Imperioli made the confession during an interview with Rolling Stone which was published on Monday. 

“We were up all night, because like I said, we won best show,” the star explained, referencing the Emmy that “The Sopranos” took home for Outstanding Drama Series that year. “By five in the morning, we were drunk out of our minds. My wife and I go back to our room. We get in bed, she says, ‘You know what, you won this Emmy, everybody you know, kissing your a–, gushing all over you. I’m not impressed.'”

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