Rep. Jody Hice to Newsmax: Dems’ Voting Bill Was ‘Extremely Horrible’

The outcome of the Senate vote on the Democrats’ “For the People Act”, which was blocked by Republicans in a dead-even 50-50 vote Tuesday, was not surprising as it is an “extremely horrible bill,” Rep. Jody Hice said on Newsmax Wednesday. 

“It’s a partisan bill through and through,” the Georgia Republican, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump in his bid to unseat Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the 2022 Republican primary, told Newsmax’s John Bachman. 

“All it does is it tipped the scales in favor of Democrats from here on out as it relates to elections,” said Hice. “Furthermore, (it has) constitutional issues. It gets the federal government involved in what states can and cannot do ln operating their own election processes. This has multiple problems. The ultimate intent behind this was to tip the scales in favor of Democrats, and it’s a great day for America that this did not go forward. We have to have fair elections, and this was certainly not a bill to move in that direction.”

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