Rep. Kevin Hern to Newsmax: Democrats ‘Embarrassed’ by Biden

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Kevin Hern told Newsmax on Monday that Democrats are “embarrassed” by President Joe Biden and their plan for 2024 has “fallen by the wayside.”

Hern said on “Newsline” that the Democrats’ “plan that they had earlier this year, that Joe Biden is the only Democrat that could beat President [Donald] Trump has certainly fallen by the wayside,” due to Biden’s poor polling numbers in recent weeks.

He added, “You see him [Biden] falling in his own polls, Democrats, and now [former] president [Trump], as you just mentioned, is winning in many if not all, of the polls across America and continuing to rack up more and more.”The congressman later added, “Well certainly I think what you’re seeing right now with these polls, because they are taken privately, is you’re seeing more and more Democrats that are embarrassed by the actions of their president.”

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